RiverCamps is located throughout Northwest Florida’s Coastal region. St. Joe’s initial RiverCamps, RiverCamps on Crooked Creek, is a 1,500 acre community nestled in a secluded woodland preserve along the waters of Crooked Creek and the 18,000 acre expanse of West Bay. The gated PUD features detached SFR. The focus of Rivercamps is nature. Amenities include a campmaster, Swimming pool, grill and pavilion, Fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment, Atrium/reception area with fireplace for lounging or socializing, Library with Internet access, Screened porch for enjoying views of West Bay and Crooked Creek, Dining area and kitchen, temporary docking facilities for property owners’ boats, nature trails and boardwalk, and boat ramp.

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Through a perpetual funding source, the STJCF initially receives a percentage of the proceeds of home site sales in certain RiverCamps communities, and continues to receive funding through a deed covenant that requires subsequent buyers to pay a transfer fee in future sales transactions. Focused primarily on education, regional health care delivery, arts and culture, parks and recreation and community spirit, the STJCF investments are based on building civic infrastructure, and providing on-going improvements in the area.

Rivercamps is just a couple miles from the new Bay County International Airport which opened in 2010. Occupying 4,000 acres, the new airport includes 1,400 acres of aviation-related industrial space. It is part of the West Bay Sector Plan, a truly unique development. The first and only sector plan approved in Florida, the West Bay Sector Plan represents 78,000 acres that encompasses the new airport plus planned residential, retail, commercial and industrial development as well as 34,000 acres of environmental preserve along Bay County’s West Bay and its tributaries.

The environmental preserve ensures green space and miles of natural shoreline will be enjoyed by Bay County residents and guests for generations to come. As a planned and entitled land mass slightly bigger than Washington D.C., the West Bay Sector Plan affords Bay County the unique opportunity to expand through quality, controlled development.